UK Visa Refusal Reasons for UK Visitor or Tourist Visas

A UK visitor visa allows you to enter and stay in UK for a short period of time. The UK standard visitor visa has replaced a wide array of different visas, such as the family visitor visa, general visitor visa, business visitor visa, child visitor visa, sports visitor visa, entertainment visitor visa, prospective entrepreneur visitor visa and private medical treatment visitor visa.

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Things to Expect When You Come to Work in the UK

As one of the leading countries in the world to do business in, the UK is a hotspot for some of the biggest global companies and brands in the world, and this makes it the ideal place for aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs to come and work. However, as with any country, the UK has a number of laws, regulations and even customs that can make it a difficult place to navigate if you’re new to living within Britain.

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Challenges to Obtaining a UK Spouse Visa

As the name suggests, you need to apply for a UK spouse visa if you want to live in the UK with your spouse (assuming they are a British citizen). In other words, a spouse visa is meant for the spouse, partner, proposed partner or civil partner of a person who is currently settled in the UK. Applying for such a visa means fulfilling certain requirements – failure to do so can result in an applicant’s visa being refused.

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Reasons for Delays in UK Visa Processing Time

When you make a UK visa application, you want this to be processed quickly. There are standard time limits within which visa applications are processed by the Home Office if everything is right with the application and the applicant. But many times you may have to face delays. There have, for example, been a number of reports of visa delays in 2019. What are some of the reasons behind delays in the processing time for UK visas?

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