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Corporate Migration

Do you need to apply for a Corporate Migration?
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Visa and Migration provides comprehensive UK immigration solutions to Employers and their non-EU Employees in the UK and Worldwide.

A migrant worker from outside the European Union may be employed by his or her employer if they hold a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office in order to sponsor migrant workers.

To help identify and implement the optimum approach for companies and their employees a number of services have been devised.  Some of them are explained as below:


We will arrange for an immigration specialist to visit your premises in order to get a better understanding of your business and the needs of your company. This will enable us to provide you with accurate advice and discuss the various options available. Whilst we do offer telephone consultations when no other option is available we recommend that these consultations are conducted face to face.

Before you apply for Sponsorship Licence

As a first step we normally recommend an audit of your existing foreign employees and premises to ensure that your company meets the relevant requirements set out by the Home Office to qualify your company for a Sponsorship Licence. You will need to provide answers to set of questions and submit the answers with your application.

Sponsorship Licence

According to the nature of your business a Sponsorship Licence can be applied for in the following categories:

  • TIER 2 : General - Skilled Workers; Intra-Company Transfer; Sportsperson; Minister of Religion
  • TIER 4 : General - Adult Students; Child
  • TIER 5 TEMPORARY WORKER : Creative and Sporting; Charity Worker; Religious Worker; International Agreement; Government Authorised Exchange

Sponsorship Licence Process (Tier 2, 4 & 5)

The application process is done online for which we can either prepare your application on your instructions or provide the support required. The questions are complex and require a detailed assessment of records and data of your company before proceeding to submission of application. Once the online application is complete you will need to pay the fee and submit all supporting documents to the Home Office by you within 10 working days. If all requirements have been met then current guidance is that the Sponsorship Licence will be granted in 8 weeks but this is likely to vary depending on the Home Office backlog.

The Home Office, compliance officer may visit your company before reaching a decision. It is essential that all employees, paperwork and records relating to your company are available on the date of inspection. We would advise you on compliance to ensure that this goes smoothly for you.

A Sponsorship Licence is currently issued for a period of 4 years.

Certificate of Sponsorship (Tier 2 & 5)

Once a Sponsorship Licence has been granted a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) may be granted by the Home Office, according to the employer's request. It is sometimes possible that a company may be granted zero allocation after obtaining a licence.

A Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) is a virtual document, allocated by the Home Office to a Level 1 or 2 User via the Sponsorship Management System also known as (SMS). All relevant information about the sponsored employee, their role, and details of whether the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) has been carried out or not, if appropriate to the application, must be included at this stage.

Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT)

The Resident Labour Market Test is a requirement to be fulfilled before employing migrant worker. The exemption is for migrants already in the UK on Tier 4, Tier 1 Post Study worker Visa, migrant worker is under shortage occupation list, worker being offered a salary of £155300 or above, where Higher Education Institution were previously sponsoring a migrant who is returning to resume their post following a period of academic leave, Supernumerary research positions,Postgraduate doctors and dentists in speciality training or where the migrant is extending their leave to continue working for you in the same occupation.

The RLMT has to be carried out for 28 days and has to be done in the acceptable format to meet Home Office requirement.

There are 2 types of CoS, Unrestricted and Restricted:-

UNRESTRICTED CoS is issued to the employees not affected by the recent introduced limit such as Intra Company Transfers, those already in the UK under Tier 2 or another category of stay which allows them to switch in-country (such as students, post-study workers and dependants), those attracting a salary of £155,300 p.a. or more and Tier 2 Sports People or Ministers of Religion.

RESTRICTED CoS applies to all those currently outside the UK or here in a category which does not allow them to switch in-country. The limit for restricted CoS is 20,800 for the current year.

Confirmation of Acceptance For Studies (CAS - Tier 4)

All Tier 4 students inside or outside the UK will require a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which is applied for by the College/University and issued by the Home Office.

Temporary Worker(Tier 5)

Under Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) you must score 30 points for Certificate of Sponsorship and 10 points for Maintenance. For more details on Tier 5 applications check on the Tier 5 categories in the Main Menu.

Entrepreneurs, Investors & Exceptional Talent (Tier 1)

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) is for non-EU migrants who intend to invest in the UK in order to set up or take over a business, and being actively involved in the running of, a business or businesses here. For your application to be successful, you must score a total of 95 points and meet all the other requirements of the Immigration Rules. The Points are awarded for funds, your level of English, and maintenance. If you are already in the UK in a different immigration category, you may be able to 'switch' into Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) without leaving.

The Tier 1 (Investor) category is for high-net-worth individuals who want to make a substantial financial investment of £2,000,000 in the UK. You do not need any job offer to apply in this category. To be able to apply, you must score 75 points. The points are awarded on the basis of funds. If you are already in the UK you may be allowed to switch providing you are currently in one of the switching categories.

Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) is for people who are internationally recognised as world leaders or potential world-leading talent in the fields of science and the arts, and who wish to work or start a business in the UK. The Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) is a points-based system is for migrants from outside Europe. You must score 75 points in order to qualify. You will score 75 points if you have an endorsement from any 'designated competent body'. This is an organisation that can judge whether you are internationally recognised in your field as a world-leading talent, or may be able to demonstrated exceptional promise and are likely to become a world-leading talent.

Sole Representative

To come to the UK as an overseas parent company's sole representative you must be a senior employee (but not a majority shareholder in the company) who intends to establish a commercial presence for the overseas company in the UK. This may be a registered branch or a wholly owned subsidiary concerned with the same type of business activity as the parent company outside the UK.

The company must have no branch, subsidiary or other representative inside the UK. If the company has a legal entity in the UK but this does not employ staff or transact business you may still be able to come to the UK as its sole representative. You must also be able to demonstrate your English language ability at level A 1 of the Common European framework Reference.

Business Visitor Visa

The business visitor category is for people who want to come and do business or meeting, etc. in the UK for a short time. This includes academic visitors, visiting professors, overseas news media representatives and film crews on location.

Why Choose Us?

  • You pay a Fixed Fee
  • You will receiveadvise from experienced caseworkers.
  • We provide our client’s with unlimited meetings and support.
  • We provide our client’s with unlimited phone calls.
  • We advise you on the procedure, requirements and merits of making an application for travel document.
  • We keep our client’s updated with new rules and procedure and act in their best interest.
  • We advise and represent our clients’ dependants to seek dependant visas in line with the visa of the main applicant.
  • We lodge appeals where necessary.
  • We advise you on the future applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain and British Citizenship for those who will complete required number of years in the UK.
  • We answer your queries even after your application has been submitted and approved on what you are required to next.

Do you need to apply for a Corporate Migration?
Speak to our experts to find out about our fast, friendly and affordable service

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We specialise exclusively in UK Immigration and Nationality Law. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner(OISC). We provide immigration services to clients from worldwide. Immigration law is complex and with the rules constantly changing we strongly recommend that you use specialists to support and represent you from the start. Call us now for an honest opinion of your case, possible costs and options.

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