How to Write an Appeal Cover Letter if Your Visa is Refused

Applying for a UK visa can be a lengthy process. From the candidate collecting relevant documentation, sending the application, paying fees and then attending the interview, this whole process can sometimes exceed six months.

Since the 2012 immigration rule changes, the process has also become a lot stricter. There has been a 19% increase in refusals since the new regulations were introduced. Submitting a visa application does not guarantee it will get approved. In some cases, the candidate has the right to appeal the decision made. In response to the refusal, an appeal cover letter can be written. Find out more in this guide.

Can I appeal a visa refusal?

Depending on the type of visa you have applied for, you may be able to appeal a visa refusal decision. You can only appeal a visa refusal if you have the legal right – this will usually be told to you in your decision letter. After you have received your letter, and are in a position to appeal, you have 28 days to do so. If you are required to leave the country beforehand, your 28 days starts after departing the country.

In some cases, when a visa refusal has been sent, an appeal is not allowed. In this case, a reapplying might be an appropriate course of action.

An application could have been denied due to several reasons. The candidate may not have been eligible for the visa applied, all the required information to determine whether the applicant is eligible to receive the visa might not have been sent, or it could be down to the error of the Entry Clearance Officer. When reapplying it is important to ensure the ‘mistakes’ you made in your first applications have been corrected, or you have worked to resolve them. If you require assistance and guidance when completing your Visa application, we can help.

Appeal a UK visa refusal decision

What is a visa refusal letter?

Visa refusal letters are written when you believe you have strong grounds to base your appeal on. The purpose of the letter is to point out why the rejection is incorrect and why the Visa application should be accepted.

How do I write a visa refusal letter?

If you believe your visa refusal is unjust, then it is recommended that you appeal by writing a convincing visa refusal letter that argues why your visa application should be accepted. It is important that you include basic information about yourself, including:

  • Name and surname
  • Passport number
  • Full address
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Signature

Further information about when you filed your application and the purpose of your trip also needs to be stated, along with the date and letter received as part of the denial decision. To demonstrate why you believe the visa refusal to be unfair, a strong argument needs to be presented. You may support these statements with documentation to make your file as strong as possible.

Appeal Letter Supporting Documents – What Are Appropriate?

To reduce the risk of your application being refused, ensure that you have included all relevant and detailed documents to help support your application. Below lists a few reasons why your application could have been refused and documents that would support your re-application.

  1. Unclear purpose of visit – Ensure that a detailed travel itinerary, letter of invitation by a friend, organisation or institution stating why they want you to go over, or include in your cover letter why you are migrating and what you would like to do.
  2. Suspicion you may not return to your home country – Documents that support your intention to return to your home country are essential to include in your application. These documents include those that show you have a property, certificates such as marriage certificates and/or birth certificates to prove you have family members in your home country that you will return home to care for, and and employment contracts (i.e those including dates you are required to return to work or student enrollment including dates you are required to be present for).
  3. Not demonstrating proof of funds – Include current bank statements showing sufficient funds or a letter of support from someone that will financially support you during your stay.
  4. Insufficient travel insurance coverage – Documentation showing you have purchased travel insurance for the duration of your trip.

You can submit a visa refusal letter online or you can contact us today for support with your application – we have great visa appeal advisors that can guide you through every step to assure your application is fully supported.

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