Discretionary Leave to Remain in the UK Before and After 9th July 2012

The applications to extend stay under discretionary leave to remain after 9th July 2012 fall under the transitional arrangements. Discretionary Leave (DL) technically does not exist for new applications on or after 9th July 2012, as they are generally considered for leave outside rules, Appendix FM rules or on the grounds of Article 8 and the applicant is given leave to remain for 30 months, which leads to settlement after you have completed 10 years in the UK with no recourse to public funds.

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English Language Requirements for a UK Family Visa

English language requirements are essential for obtaining most visas in the UK for non EEA nationals. This also applies for those coming to UK through a family route. When you apply for a family visa as a partner or parent, you need to prove your knowledge of the English language. However, English language requirements often change; find out what the language requirements are and how to fulfill them in this guide.

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The Surinder Singh Immigration Route: How Does it Work?

The Surinder Singh route is a simple process. It works for European Economic Area (EEA) nationals who want to get their family members into their country of origin. This means that you can apply for an EEA family permit if you lived with your family member in an EEA country other than UK and your family member is a British Citizen.

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Tier 2 and 5 Sponsor Licences

Often, a company in the UK wishes or needs to employ workers who are non-EU nationals. In that case, what do they need to do? If any company in the UK wishes to employ a non-EU worker then that company requires obtaining Sponsor License. In this guide, we outline what a sponsor license is and how you can go about applying for one.

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Common Issues With UK Visitor Visas

Many people want to visit the UK for short durations, for leisure (going on holiday, seeing your family), business or other reasons (taking part in a sporting event, to receive private medical treatment). For such a visit, you may need to apply for a standard UK visit visa, allowing you to stay in the UK for up to 6 months. But visitor visas can be refused. What are some common issues with applying for a visitor visa and how can you overcome them?

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Recent Changes to Tier 2 Immigration Rules

There are various types of visa which allow nationals of other countries to come to the UK for several reasons. One of the reasons why people of other nations want to come to the UK is when they get a job in UK, which comes under the Tier 2 category. However, there have been recent changes to immigration rules for this category of visa.

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