Tier 2 and 5 Sponsor Licences

Often, a company in the UK wishes or needs to employ workers who are non-EU nationals. In that case, what do they need to do? If any company in the UK wishes to employ a non-EU worker then that company requires obtaining Sponsor License. In this guide, we outline what a sponsor license is and how you can go about applying for one.

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Common Issues With UK Visitor Visas

Many people want to visit the UK for short durations, for leisure (going on holiday, seeing your family), business or other reasons (taking part in a sporting event, to receive private medical treatment). For such a visit, you may need to apply for a standard UK visit visa, allowing you to stay in the UK for up to 6 months. But visitor visas can be refused. What are some common issues with applying for a visitor visa and how can you overcome them?

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Recent Changes to Tier 2 Immigration Rules

There are various types of visa which allow nationals of other countries to come to the UK for several reasons. One of the reasons why people of other nations want to come to the UK is when they get a job in UK, which comes under the Tier 2 category. However, there have been recent changes to immigration rules for this category of visa.

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Judicial Review Process

When you apply for a UK visa, you submit your application form along with any supporting documents prior to attending an interview. After that, you’ll need to wait for your visa approval.

However, there are occasions when a visa may be refused. But fear not: you’ll usually have the option to appeal and reapply. And one such option is via Judicial Review.

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The UK Spouse Visa and Disability Living Allowance

If you’re looking to join your spouse or partner who is a UK citizen, then you can do so by applying for UK Spouse visa. If you’re a UK citizen looking to bring your partner or spouse to the UK, then you can sponsor your partner. In normal circumstances, the sponsor has to meet certain financial requirements for his or her partner when he or she comes to the UK. But what if the sponsor has a disability which means they are restricted in their ability to work?

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