Meeting English Language Requirements for Entry Clearance to the UK

You need to get entry clearance or leave to enter in order to get permission to enter the UK in a specific capacity. You cannot get entry clearance issued from within the UK so you must apply for it – and get it issued – before you finalise your travel arrangements to the UK. When you get entry clearance, you can enter the UK initially for 30 days to collect your bio metric residence permit which allows you to stay in UK.

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The Benefits of Studying in the UK

As one of the world’s leading educators, the UK offers so much to international students coming to Great Britain in search for higher education. With some of the best universities and batchelor’s and postgraduate degrees, there are seemingly more reasons to not study your chosen field of work in the United Kingdom. Check out our top reasons for studying in the UK as an international student.

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Standard Visitor Visas for Short Term Business Assignments in the UK

There are various reasons why you need to visit UK for a short period of time. It can be for work or business, for travel, for leisure or to see your family etc. For all such purposes there is now UK Standard Visitor Visa which has replaced several old visas which include Business visitor visa, Family visitor visa, General visitor visa, Child Visitor visa, Sports visitor visa and so on. So, you can apply to visit UK for short period of 6 months for these purposes and as mentioned one of them is for short term business assignments in the UK.

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Necessary Skills and Education Requirements for UK Work Permits

One who is looking to come to UK to work can apply for UK Tier 2 General visa. UK Tier 2 work permits are applied by employees of foreign nationals coming to UK to occupy a vacant job position which cannot be filled by a British Citizen. Applicant need to get a confirmed certificate of sponsorship from a licensed UK employer.

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How to Import Your Pets into the UK

If you’re thinking about moving to the UK from another country, there’s a lot to consider. Moving overseas takes planning and preparation – from opening a UK bank account to getting the correct UK visa sorted out, you need to make sure that certain things are in place before you arrive in the UK. For some people wanting to move to the UK, they will also want to bring their beloved animals. Pets are like family members, and for some it is hard to imagine not coming home to their cat, dog or rabbit.

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Common Reasons for UK Permanent Residence Application Refusals

All the citizens of foreign countries may be entitled to make UK permanent residence application for Permanent Residence in the UK provided they meet certain requirements. These requirements, however, are not easy but rather strict and complex.

So, if you want that your application for UK permanent residence is not rejected then, it is important for you to seek legal advice as early as possible so that you know the options open to you for your specific circumstances. Seeking legal advice lets you avoid possible delays and also improve your chances of making a successful application for Permanent Residence.

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Tier 2 Immigration Skills Charge: Who Needs to Pay?

The Tier 2 Immigration Skills Charge (ISC) was introduced by the Home Office on the 6th April 2017. The charge is payable when an employer sponsors an employee on a Tier 2 visa. If the organisation or business holds a Tier 2 sponsor licence and intends to sponsor a worker on a Tier 2 visa, they should consider whether the ISC is payable or exempt.

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How to Set Up a UK Bank Account

Whether you want to buy a house, get a job or simply hit the big city for some retail therapy, when moving to live in Britain, one of the first and most important steps is setting up a bank account. Ensuring that you hit the ground running, setting up a UK bank account provides you with both financial stability and security whilst living in Britain.

If you’re wondering how it’s best for you to go about setting up your UK bank account, then read our guide and learn the basics of the UK banking system.

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Rule Changes to UK Immigration from January 2018

If you are one planning to migrate to the UK or are already living in the UK as a migrant, it is always best for you to know the latest changes in UK immigration law as any changes made will affect you directly or indirectly.

In this regard, it is important to note that a new statement of changes was passed to the Parliament on the 7th December 2017 in the UK. These changes have come into effect from the 11th January 2018.

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