Continuous Lawful Residence – 10 Years Indefinite Leave to Remain

The continuous lawful residence is the most important thing for an immigrant.

Generally, the continuous lawfully residence is seen as a part for Indefinite Leave to Remain application on the basis of continuous 10 years residence in the UK.

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British Naturalisation Timeline

Naturalisation is the process an individual takes to become a citizen of another country. In the UK, applying for naturalisation allows you to live and work in the UK free from immigration controls – it also entitles you to vote in elections. If you have British descent, it’s possible you could register for British Naturalisation but most will have to apply to be considered. 

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Naturalisation – The Good Character Requirement

If one wants to apply to become a British Citizen then he/she is required to meet the good character requirement. Majority of the people who are above 10 years of age and who apply for British Citizenship need to meet this criterion of good character. Home Office in the UK assesses whether an individual applying for British Citizenship is to be considered of good character or not. In order to assess good character, various considerations are carried out by Home Office which includes criminal offenses, financial stability, compliance with UK immigration laws etc. Should the applicant not meet the Good Character requirement the application will be refused.

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What to Do if Your UK Visitor Visa is Refused

You may apply for a UK Visitor Visa for meeting your family, holiday trip, and medical treatment, short-term course, marrying or entering a civil partnership, participating in any sports, musical or other events and so on.

When you apply for the visa, you must be careful in providing all the required documents in properly required formats. You must not leave any chance so that your visa application gets refused. This is because if your visa application is refused then all the time and money you spent on it, will be wasted and will tarnish your immigration history. Also your opportunity to visit the UK is gets jeopardized.

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Family Life as a Parent Requirements

A non-British parent can exercise their right of access to their child/children who are resident in UK. There is this provision offered to such parent by UK immigration rules. A single non-British parent can apply for leave to enter or remain in UK on the basis of their family life with a British or settled child who is living in the UK. This application can only be made by all single parents. Those who are still in a relationship with the other parent cannot apply as parent but they can apply as a partner. Single parent can be a stepfather, stepmother or adoptive parent.

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Sole Responsibility

Generally, the concept of sole responsibility is only applicable where the parents may have separated or divorced. The responsibility of the child is such cases are with one of the parents who are in the UK. If the parent in the UK wants their child to join them in the UK then they will need to establish that they have the sole responsibility for the child.

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What Are Your Duties as a Sponsor License Holder?

When an organization in the UK receives Sponsor License it authorizes them to recruit foreign nationals outside of EEA area. They can employ skilled workers to work for their organization. However, along with rights, there are some duties or responsibilities upon sponsor license holders as well. If you are an organization in the UK applying for sponsor license, it is better you know the duties that you need to perform as sponsor license holder because if you fail to do so then you may face a downgrade in user rating, your license may be suspended or withdraw and you are putting the jobs of existing migrant workers at risk.

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Tier 2 Intra Company Transfers

The Tier 2 ICT route – otherwise known as an Intra-Company Transfer – is mainly available to companies who intend to move their employee from overseas branch to a UK Branch.

You can apply for Tier 2 (Intra Company Transfer) visa if you have been offered a job role by your overseas employer in UK branch of the organization and you are from outside EEA and Switzerland.

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